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Watch The French Quarter Hotel Collection's new video!

Posted on: April 2 2014

The employees here at Compucast wear many hats. We have programmers, developers, designers, project managers, SEO and social media experts, just to name a few. We just completed a video for the French Quarter Collection of Hotels:

We filmed the footage at each individual hotel, edited it and added it to the website. 

The video serves a few purposes:

  1. The video gives their website visitors a chance to see the lobbies, dining areas, guest rooms, courtyards, pool areas, and outside of each hotel. Sure, you can post pictures of all these things, but video adds so much more – sound, people coming and going, the ripples in the pool. Video captures what pictures cannot, making for a great user experience.
  2. Having a video on your homepage/website is also good for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes. When Google analyzes a website, it looks at the quality of the content. Websites full of shallow text, little images and no videos get a low quality score and probably will not be ranked highly in search results. Therefore, it’s important to create rich content, like videos and photos, to live on your website. Thanks to this video, we just upped the quality of the homepage in Google’s eyes.

If you would like Compucast to create a video for your business, contact us!

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