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How to Get Hitched to the Right Online Marketing Partner

Posted on: September 15 2017

Sometimes, even after meeting our creative team and reviewing our portfolio, prospective clients can be a bit hesitant to take the next step and get moving on their project. We get it. Signing on with the new web design and online marketing team is a little bit like getting hitched. Not only is there going to be a financial commitment, but things will go a lot more smoothly if you’re able to stick it out for the long run.

Naturally, nobody wants to form a union with the wrong web partner. And unfortunately, there are a few out there who might not be a great fit for what you’re looking for in the long term, even though they might catch your eye today.

Today we want to share a few tips you can use to get together with the perfect creative team for your needs. Here’s how you can get hitched with the perfect online marketing partner…

Get Past Their Looks

As with real-life dating, business owners often get suckered in by a web team with the right looks. In this case, “looks” can equate to a shiny downtown office, or perhaps a slick presentation.  These are both nice extras, but they don’t necessarily tell you what you really need to know about a creative vendor.  For online marketing, ask for real-world examples, case studies, and stats. 

Think of the (Marketing) Life You Want

In the same way that looks fade, fancy offices and edgy portfolios mean little once your website has launched and your marketing has begun. You want a web team with a bottom-line vision that matches your own business goals. In other words, choose a creative vendor who can deliver what you want in terms of revenue, not just aesthetics. And, if you’re in a business such as hospitality, you want someone who can send business to you – someone who can not only share your stats, but generate them as well.

Get Practical

You’ve probably heard that when couples divorce, it’s usually over money and other everyday concerns. You want to avoid these kinds of failings in your digital relationship by addressing important issues up front. Talk about budgets, deadlines, and ongoing commitments. Get agreements on the practical details and you’ll have the basis for cooperation that can last.

Give the Marketing Time to Work

Once the initial excitement of signing a new agreement fades away, it’s time to get down to work. However, we advise you to remember that even the best online marketing companies don’t always generate instant results. That’s because we are creating sustainable strategies for you, not quick gimmicks that stop showing results after a few months.

Make Sure You Can Get Out of the Relationship Easily

Unfortunately, not all relationships work out – even when both parties are doing their best. Knowing that, it only makes sense to have terms in place allowing you to end the partnership when needed.   No need to sign long-term contracts – if the value is there, they will know you will not leave. 

The last thing you want is to be forced to work with someone if they can’t help you grow your company or meet your business goals.

Choosing a web company to work with is a big decision, but ultimately it’s a decision you have to make in today’s ultra-competitive digital marketing world.  You’re a lot better off with the right creative minds on your side than you are going it alone … of course, if you want to work with a creative team you can trust for the long haul, contact Compucast today to set up a free consultation.

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