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CompuRez: The latest must-have for hotels

Posted on: September 23 2013

If you own or work for a hotel, then listen up: Compucast just debuted the latest version of its reservation system that you’re going to love.  It’s called CompuRez, and it will change the way hotels in the New Orleans area book business online.

At its core, CompuRez is a reservation system that allows a hotel to manage its inventory, set rates and restrictions, manage groups and packages, and even take advantage of features like enhancements for each reservation and comment cards. Everything is done through an easy-to-use, smooth and modern interface, which was created by our in-house programmers and designers by listening to what hotel revenue managers and GMs want and need.   The system is able to interface with property management systems (such as Opera) and channel management software. CompuRez has also been announced as a TripAdvisor Premium Partner in its TripConnect program, allowing visitors to book directly with their hotel from TripAdvisor.

Beyond that functionality, it can also include that hotel's inventory in a multi-reservation system that will display it on multiple New Orleans portal sites that target visitors planning a trip to New Orleans!

“No other booking engine offers New Orleans hotels such marketing power,” said Judy Weitz, Compucast CEO and Founder. “Plus, every feature can be customized for the hotel depending on their requests by our in-house programming team.  We also carry over the same look and feel of a hotel’s website.”

CompuRez can also act as a hotel group's own multi-res, so each of their hotels can be cross-promoted through one portal site for their company, showing availability at all of their properties on one screen. In addition, if no rooms are available at one property, hotels can show availability at a “sister” property instead. At the end of a guest's stay, a comment card can be automatically emailed to that visitor, asking for feedback.  Responses are then charted in one graph that hotels can later use to analyze visitor feedback.

Dozens of New Orleans hotels have already begun using CompuRez since its recent launch. For an example of how a single hotel can utilize the system, visit the website of Maison Dupuy and try to book a room. To take a look at how our multi-reservation system works, visit

If your hotel is interested in using CompuRez, we can help. It’s easy to integrate into existing websites.

“Our staff ensures the system will carry over the same look and feel of your site for your visitors, and we’ll use the latest research to best achieve conversions once a visitor is in the process of a reservation,” Weitz said.

Call Compucast for more information: 504.779.5188, or fill out a contact form.

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