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5 Pieces of Info Your Web Designers Need

Posted on: May 17 2011

5 Things You Should Give Your Web Designer Before They Start Working on Your New Small Business Site

A wish list for your new site. Go beyond thinking of sharp designs here, and be sure to mention any key features or functionalities you'd like to see integrated. The clearer you are about what you want your small business site to do, the better chance you stand of actually getting it.

Some things you like and dislike about your current site. If there are some elements you'd like to keep going forward, be sure to mention them.

High quality copies of logos and images. Just like it would be hard to make a gourmet meal from frozen supermarket ingredients, your web designer needs fresh, high-quality images and logos to create maximum effect on screen. Take the time to track these down (if you don't have that on hand) before you get started; it will save you from having to wait for them later.

An overview of your online and offline marketing goals. Business owners now need their website to be an important part of their sales, marketing, and public relations efforts. Key your design team in to what you're trying to do; they can put together a site that will complement your other efforts.

The web addresses of a few key competitors. It's never a bad idea to keep an eye on what your competitors are doing, and it gives your web design team a better sense of what you're up against and what you'd like to achieve. You don't have to identify your whole industry, but if you know of a few key competitors, online or off, make sure your creative team gets to have a look at them before you get too far.

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